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Tuesday, March 25, 2014



I tertidur early malam ni. Woke up at 1.30am,terjaga.

Scrolling whatsapp group, scrolling fb, read the latest news about MH370. Allahuakbar!! Allahuakbar!! Allhahuakbar!! Read the PC script by Najib. Air mata menitik. Finally, it's confirmed! Innalillah.. Despite this, deep in my heart i still hope all the passengers are safe somewhere. I do hope that some conspiracy theory that i read before is true somehow so that all the passengers are safe somewhere.. i can't imagine what the passengers are going through detik the plane ended..

We keep asking our government what is the result. Latest announcement was done after they done some calculation. And i can still see on the fb,there are some poeple who still feeling suspicious and tak puas ati. Stop being a keyboard warrior,man!! U don't even join the rescuing team! How should you know the real situation then? Do you guys think it's easy to announce it crashed? please show some respect to the family members. They just received heart wrenching news. Condolences to those all family members. Al fatihah..

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rezeki ari ini


Orang belanja, memang sedap kannnn

Nyum nyum!!! Thanks opismate!

Oh ya, Hussein nak menyelit jugak.

Hussein with Auntie Wie. Mula mula malu kucing dak tecik ni.

Sekarang not,Hussein macam tengah mengalami separation anxiety. Kalo nak pergi keje pagi, memang nanges2 sedey tak bagi i pegi. Pastu everything pon nak mak buat. Mentang2 skang dah pandai panggil mak, sikit sikit je makkk makkkk. Hahaha!! Baru 2weeks++ kot pandai panggil Mak.

Baca kat tenet, katanya umo 18mo sampai 21/,wait and see la. Kalo pagi i g keje die terjaga, mesti rasa cam xmo g keje.alahaiiii

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