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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

car services

last 2 days, i took yuki to get the usual first, wants to go to perodua, but then its oredi late, bout 3.30pm, so i decided to go the usual bengkel..loacetd near da anjung, i just waited bout an hour to get it fixed.lucky me!cos da process didnt take a whole day.. so to prevent my car form becoming like this,yuki get new engine oil, air filter, brake oil and new sets of honk cos yg lm dh ilang..huhuhu..neway, sangat berpuas ati setakat nih..yg funny nyer, joe temankan ak n da mechanic igt die bf ak..nk wat cmner sndri bz memanjang, terpaksa la pinjam abag gagah kt opis ni ha..syukur de yg sudi 1st time ak g servis, so agak excited la..yg x excitednyer, ble fulusnyer abes!x kesahla, janji i puas ati kan..tha's all 4 now..

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