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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

pengalaman pertama bersama firefly

my 1st time trying to fly wif firefly was flight is on 10.30am so arrived at the penang airport bout 9.30am.and then, they said the flight delay 1hour to 11.30.i was like, ok no prob..just 1hour rite.aft 11.30pm, they said got tech prob wif the plane so reschedule to 1.00pm.they gave us voucher to eat luch which is chicken fried rice n mineral, we all wait patiently altgough temper dh mkin naik.then, they reschedule again to 3.00pm.we was like,what???if da plane rosak, slot us in to another plane la.y make us wait wif no confirmation?what's da limit time to wait before they gave us plan B or C??nevertheless, we still waiting bcos most of us still kne blik of da passenger got to catch flight to london yesterday.bout at 5.00pm, finally they r ready for boarding.we already on da plan n da plane is ready to take's quite hot in da plane n i noticed that the fastened seatbelt is not working.suddenly,da plane start moving..but back to da penang airport!!!all passenger sgt mrh,we hv to walk back into terminal.the FA on duty oso start crying a bit bcos all of us mrh2 to her.we all sooo frustrating n exhausted.some of da passenger is travelling wif kids n old people.there's a granny who travel wif us. she's 63 oredi, n she's travelling alone.she just sit patiently waiting to 6.00pm, finally they said, the flight is CANCELLED!!!!WHATT???all of us are very frustrated n there's nothing we can do,so they refund us.The uncle who got to catch flight to London was very2 frustrated n asking for his luggage.he oredi missed his flight.he refused to take da refund bcos feels very sad n just leave wif his luggage.imagine how much did he spend for his ticket....but there's bout 16 ppl who refused to take da refund n demand them to slot us in any flight as long as we can get back to KL.luckily, i'm 1 of da 16 ppl.actually, they do hv 20seats available for tht, they slot us in to MAS flight,depart on 9.45pm.even tht flight oso delayed 1hr so, all of us arrived safely in KLIA midnite.can u imagine we've been waiting from 9.30am at da airport n only arrive here midnite?? it's really a bad experience for more firefly aft this. im really curious bout their procedure.i noe it's sumthing that they didnt ask for.but if plane to mmg nk kne baiki n rosak, so what is the next step?what is their plan B or C?THEY CAN'T JUST SIMPLY HALAU US TO GO HOME, RIGHT???

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