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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day and hussein's birthday

Assalam semua,

Happy mother's day! For me,this is my second year. Last year,i celebrate in hospital sebab Hussein decide to come out just before mother's day. Hohoho

Today mark the day as well. Hussein's turn 1. Well, at first nak buat party but due to some unforeseen things happened,so we decided to just makan2 among our family. But it will be twice! Hehehehe. 1st time,akan buat arini. 2nd time,school holiday nanti sebab my parents will come and tengok cucu dia.hehehe

Happy birthday Hussein!

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  1. Hapie birthday encem boy!aunty doakan awk mbesar dgn sihat n kuat. :D

    1. Hussein cakap,thank you auntie piya!aminnnnn :D


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