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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


arini aku dah khatam mag pengantin tu. x byk info sgt ds month cos i was looking for stuff yang kt my but there's one bridal boutique yg agak cantik la. but then, i think macam over plak just for engagement kan. kain for engagement po aku x beli lagi so, i think will beli yg dah siap and have to do some alteration la. tu jer yang terpantas memnadangkan we are too slow in this thing. just a few months ahead, x survey pape and do nothing yet. i'm not sure i'll get what i want with best price. huhuhu. i have to discuss with ma, whether nak kemaskan my room or have a mini pelamin. but then, mini pelamin will make my tummy looks bigger la.padahal dah memang besar pon.hehehe.em.. tapi kan, i oredi have a theme. surely its pink/peach and another color. dunno sempat ke x nak tempah hantaran since time tu will be banyak gler weddings.DIY? aku ni x kreatif sgt but tgh tgk jugak la DIY2

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