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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


huhuhu...lately asek survey jer. mmg especially when u r waiting for that 1 friend yg datang every month without fail blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comtu. so, yes my mood is not in a very good state. and it made me thinkin i want to do nothing. just make it as normal as possible. no extra special whatever i was thinking hm.. shud i just ditch whatever was on my mind before? macam x boleh really2 not in good state la. then found dis pic..
i oedi found dis dulang, agak reasonable la price die. n, mcm senang utk DIY kan?macam la.hehehe. xpe, tgk dlu. if hv to DIY, i hv to think la cmner plak nak bawak blik to my hometown


  1. waaa...
    dah nak bertunang eh?
    lama tak online...kadang2 je..tu yang tak perasan ada entry pasal nak bertunang...

    congrats! tumpang hepi. (^,^)

  2. hehe. tq2x! alaa, planning baru. aku pon dh lm x wat enrty ni ha.tu yg ko x prasan tu.hehe


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