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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


assalam peeps. i’ve been whining a lot lately kan? in this entry,this one and  a little bit in this one too. am i not grateful enough with my life? i keep blaming my environment for what had happen in my life. until i read this from someone’s page..

“YOU need to make you marketable. not expect/depend on others to help you be marketable. it just doesn't make sense to me. you've made it to uni, learn, equip yourself... don't expect everything to be handed to you ALL the time. sendiri mesti ada effort, brader heheh”

when i think back, i memang lain dari zaman uni dulu. dulu, i sangat outspoken, aktif sana sini tapi bila dah keje, i jadi pasif. macam kalah dengan keadaans ekeliling. So, from today onwards, i kena regain balik my confident. tak boleh asyik nak harapkan orang even though reality memang slalu harsh on you. maybe i dah duduk lama sangat kat dalam comfort zone nih. okeh time to change!


  1. samelah dgn I dear..really need to gain my confident back.. chaiyok!

  2. tqah: chaiyokk! sama2 usaha! :)

  3. chaiyok!

    dulu aku pasif sket, skang je berani sket...tu pun tak berapa berani sangat...hee. :)


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