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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sale Sana Sini..hehehe

Assalam semua!

sihat? vee, alhamdulillah sihat. pagi ni nak share pasal sale2 yang ado this weekend. yang 1st, yang ini la.

My Dear Baby and Children Warehouse Sale

Summary: My Dear are having their baby and children warehouse sale now. Products that offered are baby cot , safety grill , crib spring , hammock spring cradle , car seat , playpen , bouncer , battery operated car , stroller , buggy , mattress , baby walker and many more. It’s starts from 9am to 7pm.

Company: My Dear

Sales: from 23-2-2012 to 4-3-2012

34, Jalan Meranti Jaya 10
Meranti Jaya Industrial Park
47120 Puchong


yang second plak, yang ini.. hehehe

AEON Jusco 1 Malaysia Baby Fair

Summary: AEON Jusco are having their baby fair in 1 Malaysia now. Products that offered are baby products , baby apparels and many more. Please come and see what kind of surprise they are giving out now.

Company: AEON Jusco Malaysia

Sales: from 20-2-2012 to 4-3-2012

All Jusco Store in Malaysia


and lastly, for today…

The Biggest Annual Warehouse Sale of Fella Design

Summary: Fella Design are having their biggest annual warehouse sale now. Everything has to be cleared. 100,000 Sq. Ft. space brimming with thousand of quality home solutions at really great discounts and unbelievable low price. Products that offered are furniture , sofa , chairs , curtains , lightings , dining ware and many more. It’s starts from 9am to 8pm.

Company: Fella Design

Sales: from 24-2-2012 onwards

Lot 2791
Persiaran Elektron
Bukit Subang
Seksyen U16
40160 Shah Alam




  1. vee... larat lagi ke nak pg warehouse sale..? wawa x larat dah... dah beratttt sangattt rase ni... huhu..

  2. wawa: tu yg x p klcc tu minggu nih. cepat sangat penat. tapi, yg kat midvalley tu, rasa nak pergi. larat tak alrat, kena jugak, sbb i blom shopping pape. hehehe

  3. byknye sales..hehe..happy shopim yer ;)..take care..

  4. org ckp kat sogo pon ada sale weekend ni...hehe

  5. noli: hehe. tu ar, nak kena rancang perjalanan nih, nak p yang mana satu. hehehe

    dulu gadis, kini mama: yup! jom2x! tengahari esok mesti sempat kan? hehehehehe:p

    nana: tu ar, my friend pon cakap kat sogo de sale gak. tapiiii, hubby tak suka p kl, jem teruk. camner nak hasut..huhuhu

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