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Friday, March 19, 2010

HANI yg cunn!!

today when i log in into facebook, saw an album.a wedding album.n most of my school frens were, i click it.owh, its mt schoolmate's wedding la.hani.she looks so gorgeous!n da other oso must b gorgeous too la( marah si jasmelia kang, ak ckp dorg x cun.haha!! just kidding la). all my schoolmates still menten cm dlu. 1 thing is, sume dh makin ayu except lee. ak rs lee kne keje kot ms wedding neh, tu yg die dtg ngn baju keje tuh. neway, congrats to hani.semoga berkekalan hendaknya.amin... n to others, i miss u all la.lm gler x jupe! except lee la kot. sbb bru2 ni ak terserempak ngn die.hehehe. oh ya, pic was taken from jas's facebook :)

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