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Thursday, March 18, 2010

pity lil bird...

today started wif bad omen.huhuhu.. i was on my way to da office, then i saw a small bird lying in the middle of the road.i tot it dead oredi, then i saw its moving. some of itw fren try to help but they dunno how.pity them.huhuhu. so, i switch on da emergency light,reversed back yuki (guys, pls dun this,so unethical). i stop near where da bird was lying. but suddenly a car came so fast n HIT it!huhuhu. my eyes bergenang at dat time jugakk2. how come they can b so cruel?n it was hit again by a kancil.i wish sumthing will happen to their tyres.punctures or sumthing, i dun care as long as it can menyusahkan dorg.huhuhu. then i took tht bird,put it in a plastic n bring it to da office. i can see all da urat perut n there's still some blood...i had to sit back in yuki to remain calm. n i cried. i ne its only small bird but to think that i can save it.if only i was a little quicker..i was thinking to buried it, but i dun hv da, i just throw it into da garbage can.. i was so sad it ruining my day today.. what makes me more sadder, his frens was sorrounded him, to help him.but they just can't. huhuhu. i dun hv da heart to snap da pic so just bear wif me k..

p/s: ive seen many birds, squirrel,cats died on da road.but nvr they got hit in front of my eyes. that's really makes me sad. real sad..

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