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Saturday, March 27, 2010

LCCT Airport.....

where am i? right now, im blogging frm LCCT Airport, sitting in MCD restaurant. im waiting fer my flight at 12pm.that's da earliest flight i can get to get back to penang. now, why am i rushing back to penang?my dad sick. YES! my DAD is sick.he's in hospital right now. doctors seems cant figure anything yet but his stomach is aching. my mom oso hv fever since last nite.pity my borther, he has to skip his class today. so, tha's y i'm here. they need me...
i keep thinking what my brother said last night. he wants me to come back to penang, fer good. bcos my parents are getting old.mayb it's time someone shud go back n takes care them. n when my father sakit2 begini, obviously he'll think that anak2 die still under jagaan die.none of us married yet n im sure this topic will b bring up again, soon.
mayb im thinking too much.. n im annoyed wif him too.myb that's y this post is like this. im confused. damn comfused.cant think straight anymore.not fer now..

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