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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sunday dh nk smpi…singkat btol ms skang ni kan?i filled up my Sunday wif zzzz.tido sepanjang ari. Just bgn fer prayers n lunch.tu pon lunch megi jer.too lazy nk kuar to buy food. N I had my dinner wif megi oso.ari2 cenggini, cepat la ak dpt my Nikon D3000.hehe. n cepat jugak la ak mati kowt.dh asek mkn mknn segera jer,mati pon segera la kan?’s been a stressful weekend fer me.usually I love weekend.but not dis one.. I wonder’s why I love to will avoid me from keep thinking things I shouldn’t. another excuse? Maybe.hehe
Its raining outside.the thunder was so loud it makes the emergency bell rang.i think it struck one or our pencawang kot. I’ve just delete someone frm my fren list in fb.this is not da 1st time I’ve done this. dun get me wrong.i love to make frens.but it annoys me when someone out of da blue add me n start asking questions.private questions! Hello! X blajar ke relationship manners? I dunno u! so, pls stop asking me private Q! my facebook dh jadi mcm irc plak.asking WHERE ARE U STAYING, ASL..BLA,BLA,BLA…. Does it really important to know all that? I dun mind if u just wanna discussing issues or sharing interest but asking me Q like that obviously not a good way. N there’s one guy yg dh de fiancée but sibuk adding people n asking to on your facebook chat. Shudn’t u b focusing on ur fiancée? Its really annoying tau. Other than that, I love facebook. Bcos I found back frens yg I dh lm lost contact wif them n they hv a lot of addicting games! Through facebook, I get to know my frens latest really gives big impact in my life. Fer that, kudos FB!

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