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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I did on my besday?

Well, I think the title explain everythings. Today is my birthday. Usually my father won’t miss wishing me happy birthday every year. This year, he didn’t even call me. But im not mad nor whining. I know he isn’t in good health yet. I think it’s the calmest birthdays I ever had. I dun feel really’s just another day for me except people keep wishing me on my facebook. Thanks to all who wishes me. I do appreciate that. XOXO :-*
So, what did I do today? Well, it’s my first day working after long holidays. Got meeting bout pidato NC till afternoon.had nasi lemak during tht meeting.  Then, visit jojo and da gang.masyaAllah! jojo super duper fat until I didn’t recognize! pe la yg parman bagi jojo makan ek? Hehehe. Then had another nasi lemak which brought by izan. Yummy! Mmg makin gemuk la I pasni,okeh!
Why I feel refreshed?  I think it’s because I just got back from my hometown. Whenever I went back there, I’ll be really in good mood. Some people will ask what I got fer my besday. Well, it’s the thought that counts. Beside, dh tua2 neh, fer what la presents cmtu. I was taught to buy anything I want on my own. I’m used to it J maybe because I know people can’t give what I want kowt.hehe :P
Well, hApPy BeSdAy to ME!! :P 

tibe2 rs sedapnyer oreo cheese cake.huhuhu

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