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Friday, April 8, 2011


assalam semua!! ni ada pengumuman nak dibuat. padahal LV banyak keje arini, tapi bila tengok benda alah ni, terus gatal tangan nak buat entry jugak2x! giler tak senonoh kan??? hahaha. ini kisahnya..


[klik utk tumbesaran ek]

Wah Chan is back with their “Buy 1 Diamond FREE 1 Natural Precious Stone (Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald) and Additional 20% Discount” which will be available at their Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama outlets. While if you are interested in 999 gold, then you must drop by to their Midvalley branch as they are offering the promotions of “Buy Diamond FREE 999 Gold & Super Value Factory Clearance Prices”. So there you goes, 2 options of both which is also a valuable assests. Don’t confuse yourself now, just grab this opportunity now fast!! before they run out of stocks!


Wah Chan

Sales: 7 April 2011 – 17 April 2011

Sunway Pyramind Wah Chan Outlets
1 Utama Wah Chan Outlets
Midvalley Megamall Outlets

sape yang tengah hunting tu, bley la serbu. jom2x serbu!! LV nak cuci mata jer. hehehehe



  1. wah wah wah...

    skrg ni mcm byk je promosi emas..habib pon ade...hehe

  2. nana: kan dear? sajer jer nak abeskan duit kite kan?? eh,silap.... duit bakal hubby! hahahaha :D

  3. thanks for the share. Habib is also on sale for diamonds now.. ;D

  4. r3bl: yup!! de letak kat entry sebelum nih. hihihihi. musim bling2 nih. hihi


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