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Thursday, March 8, 2012

hadiah besday!!


dah ari khamis dah arini. sok jumaat! yeay!! hikhihik. sejak dua menjak ni, sangat la berkenan ngan benda alah ni…

tengokkkk!! sampai kotak dia pon pink! ohsem sungguh! comel sungguh!! dia ada built in flash, setebal 2.9 cm dan beratnya hanya 277 gram (g) and 10 megapiksel. and boleh shoot motion pic dengan lebih reliable. menurut techradar,  “In Motion Snapshot mode, the camera shoots a snippet of full HD video footage at 69.94fps for replay at 23.976fps (making it around one second long), with accompanying music and ending with a still image. Footage is recorded to the buffer memory from the moment the shutter release button is half-pressed, so the video includes slow-motion action from the point immediately before the shutter release is pressed home.” credit to techradar.

teknikal spec dia:

Product Type: Mirrorless Camera

Battery Size Supported :Proprietary Battery Size

Maximum Video Resolution :1920 x 1080

Effective Camera Resolution: 10.1 Megapixel

USB: Yes

PictBridge: Yes

Colour: Black, pink

Optical Zoom: 3x, 3x (Lens 1) - 3.7x (Lens 2)

Brand Name: Nikon

Screen Size: 7.6 cm (3")

Weight (Approximate): 234.0 g

Maximum Image Resolution: 3872 x 2592

Maximum Frame Rate: 1200 fps

Number of Batteries Supported: 1

Battery Built-in: No

Battery Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Included: Yes

Display Screen Type: LCD

Image Sensor Type: CMOS

Total Camera Resolution: 12 Megapixel


Camera Assembly: Body with Lens Kit

Height: 61.0 mm

Width: 106.0 mm

Depth: 29.8 mm

Autofocus Points: 135

Focal Length: 10 mm to 30 mm (Lens 1) - 30 mm to 110 mm (Lens 2)

Audio Formats: AAC

Product Name
J1 Mirrorless Camera

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Marketing Information

Busy lives filled with fleeting chances to record loved ones in action demand a camera that can keep up.

Designed to think fast and act even faster, the super-small Nikon 1 J1 interchangeable lens camera offers all you need to shoot great photos and movies.

Portable enough to take anywhere and easy to operate, it will bring new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment to the way you capture your world.

Battery Life: 230 Shot

Package Contents

  • J1 Mirrorless Camera
  • Strap AN-N1000
  • Body Cap BF-N1000
  • Li-on Rechargeable Battery EN-EL20
  • Lens 10-30mm
  • Lens 30-110mm
  • Battery Charger MH-27
  • Software CD-ROM
  • USB Cable UC-E15
  • EG-CP14 Audio/Video Cable

Display Resolution
460000 Pixel

gambo waktu malam


fast moving subjet

more review and pics,  boleh tengok sini. harga dia menurut website nikon malaysia untuk pink kit set adalah RSP RM 2,658!! huhuhu

more details kat website nikon malaysia. ada ke orang nak bagi adiah besday kat den camera nih? ya, berangan sungguh. ok, vee! sila bangun dari mimpi skang! hehehehe

p/s: everyone sibuk dok citer gaji naik 13%. suma dok bersukaria. tapi tengok, ada yang dok syok gaji naik tu, wat keje takdela bagus sangat pon. asyik mengular jer. yang naik tu untuk tetap kan? yang kontrak and sambilan, how? sengih jer la….

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